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Dance Classes for Kids in St Helens

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Ballet Classes for Kids

We follow the new Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. This includes Classical Ballet Technique, Free Movement and Character Dance. Ballet classes are available for boys and girls from age 3 years. Ballet is the base of all dance subjects and is essential for any dancer.

Tots + Beginners

A free Ballet class designed especially for boys and girls age 3-5 years. Pupils learn the very basic ballet postions through fun and imagination, with use of music, props and mines e.g Dancing Toyshop, Night Time in the Zoo, Circus, Butterflies, Soldiers, Pirates, Fairies, Witches and more!! The class is combined with tap dancing, learning basic tap steps and rhythms such as gallops, bounces, shuffles and toe and heel beats (making lots of noise)!!!

Pre-Primary : Age 5+.

Children now start to follow the set R.A.D Ballet Syllabus. Classes are still very much fun and imaginative but we are now trying to gain more strength in their legs, feet and torso whilst continuing to learn basic Ballet steps and positions. Pupils are then entered for the R.A.D Pre-Primary Class Award. All pupils are presented with a certificate, medal and a progress report from the examiner.
children dancingchildren dancing

Advanced Ballet Classes

Primary - Grade 8:

Pupils then continue to study the R.A.D Grades and when ready are entered for examinations. Pupils receive a certificate and an examination report from the examiner. As the grades progress the pupils learn how to show an awareness of correct posture, weight placement, turnout and use of feet. Also how to show an ability to shape the arms, accurate alignment, elevation, use of space and co-ordination of the whole body. All pupils are encouraged to perform with a natural use of musicality, expression and communication.


Pupils must be at least Grade 4 R.A.D Ballet level and have the required strength in the ankles, legs, feet and torso before starting pointe work. To start with pupils learn how to care for their pointe shoes and feet, toe protectors are recommended. Excercises begin at the barre to develop the correct weight placement and to build strength and confidence. When secure at the barre, centre work involves releves, pirouettes, poses, fouettes and more complex steps.

Modern Dance Classes

We follow the I.S.T.D Modern, Tap and Jazz syllabus. Classes are available for boys and girls age 3 and above. Examinations are taken from Primary- Advanced.

Primary Modern:

A very lively class based on natural movements and motor skills. We start with walking, running, jumping, galloping, skipping, floor work and balancing along with fine motor skills such as hand and feet exercises. Pupils learn rhythms and musical note values with the use of musical instruments, using free and set rhythms which also incorporates dance and rhythm improvisation. Beginners also learn a song about the right and left side of the body and a short amalgamation using isolation throughout the body.

Modern Grades:

The Modern grades continue to cover more complex moves such as turns, kicks, isolations, free and set rhythms, abdominal exercises, combination steps, Lyrical and Jazz Amalgamations, improvisation and vocabulary steps.
children dancingchildren dancing

Tap Dance Classes for Kids

Pre-Primary-Advanced : 

We teach the brand new I.S.T.D Tap Syllabus for all tap grades. It has been a great hit with the pupils as the new music is very funky and the steps are much more fun to learn with all the tricky rhythms and intricate footwork.

The Tap grades continue to cover more complex steps such as pick ups, riffs, timesteps, turning steps, compound steps, set rythms and slow and quick amalgamations in various musical styles.

Jazz Classes for Kids

A very lively jazz class , always starting with a full body warm up then free exercises for turns, kicks, springs, isolations, split runs, leaps and jazz routines.

Splits and other stretches are included to add flexibility to the legs, hips and backs. Class finishes with a cool down.
children dancingchildren dancing

Commercial Dance Classes

A very popular class which includes fresh and varied commercial choreography using current music genres.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary is an expressive dance style that combines elements of lyrical, jazz, modern and classical ballet. 

Dancers are encouraged to focus on emotion and breath, as well as being able to tell a story and express themselves through freedom of movement.
contemporary dancer